Australian Sapphires on the world stage (setting the record straight)

Australian Sapphires on the world stage (setting the record straight)

Australian Sapphires and dispelling the myths surrounding the origin of Sapphire’s in the world market.

  1. Market DominanceAustralian sapphires indeed hold a significant share of the world market, with some estimates suggesting they account for up to 85% of global sapphire production. This dominance is primarily due to the abundance and diversity of sapphire deposits across Australia, particularly in regions like New South Wales and Central Queensland.
  2. Historical Trade Routes: Historically, Australian sapphires were often bought and sold through international trade routes, particularly to regions renowned for their gemstone markets, such as Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and Myanmar (formerly Burma). This was due in part to the perception that sapphires from these regions carried a certain prestige and allure.
  3. Rebranding and Resale: Upon reaching international markets, Australian sapphires were sometimes rebranded or sold under the names of other renowned sapphire-producing regions, such as Ceylon or Burma. This practice was not uncommon in the gemstone trade, as merchants sought to capitalize on the perceived prestige associated with sapphires from these regions.
  4. Royal Patronage:Sapphires, with their rich history and association with royalty and nobility, have long been prized by monarchs and aristocrats around the world. Australian sapphires, when marketed under prestigious names like Ceylon or Burma, found favour among royalty and high society, further enhancing their desirability and value.
  5. Changing Perspectives: In recent years, there has been a shift towards greater transparency and authenticity in the gemstone industry. Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing the true origin of their gemstones and supporting ethical sourcing practices. As a result, the rebranding and resale of Australian sapphires under foreign names have become less common.
  6. Recognition of Australian Origin: Today, there is growing recognition and appreciation for the unique qualities of Australian sapphires, including their diverse colour range, exceptional clarity, and ethical sourcing practices. Australian sapphires are celebrated for their beauty and quality, and they are sought after by consumers and jewellery designers worldwide.

The historical journey of Australian sapphires through international trade routes, including their rebranding and resale under foreign names, adds an intriguing dimension to their story. However, with changing consumer preferences and increased emphasis on transparency, Australian sapphires are now celebrated for their true origin and unique attributes in the global gemstone market.

image: Is one from our collection a large specimen 70cts


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