Famous Sapphires

Famous Sapphires

The famous presidential heads carved in sapphire, initially discovered in the Reward fossicking area of Rubyvale, Queensland, have an intriguing origin. They were the brainchild of an Australian artist named Stuart R. Williams. Williams embarked on this ambitious project in the late 1970s, driven by his fascination with American politics and the challenge of creating intricate sculptures out of precious gemstones.

Using large sapphires sourced from the Gemfields of Queensland, Williams meticulously carved the likenesses of past American presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt, among others. Each head was a testament to his craftsmanship and dedication to detail.

Once completed, the heads gained international attention for their unique blend of artistry and the rarity of their medium. They eventually found their way to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., where they are now housed as part of the museum's collection, serving as a testament to both the skill of the artist and the enduring fascination with American history and politics worldwide.

Fun fact: The discovery of these massive Sapphires were found at an area called Sultana hill on the Reward fossicking area of Rubyvale. We recently sold our claim on Sultana hill where we found most of our BIG stones. Here is a pic of one my Dad found which was originally 140 carat, this is half of it cut and skin-polished, we found an inclusion inside that looks like a Hummingbird mid flight.


'The Stonebridge Green' was found by Mick Stonebridge in 1937, click here for a little snippet into it's whereabouts now, told by Ray Richardson. 

Fun fact: The man in the middle of this picture below happens to be a friend of mine who I met 7 years ago whilst doing my bronze certificate, rewind some 40 years ago and he tells me that he met Mick Stonebridge and here he is with his friend who is holding up the "Stonebridge Green", Mick is to the left, small world. 











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