The bespoke/custom design journey

The bespoke/custom design journey

The bespoke jewellery journey involves several key stages, each crucial in transforming a concept into a tangible, custom-made piece. Here's a brief description of the process from CAD design through to casting and clean up:

  1. Consultation and Design Concept:

    • The journey starts with a consultation between our client/s and Principal jewellery designer Janeen Nowlan, this is done several ways, either in person, online, email or over the phone. During this phase, we discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific elements you would like in your custom designed piece. This could include gemstones, metals, style, and overall design and functionality. Once we have embarked on this journey together it will be onto designing on the CAD. It is at this stage of the process we will require a non-refundable design fee of $500 which ultimately comes off the finished price.  
  2. CAD (Computer-Aided Design):

    • Based on collaborated input, Neeni uses specialized software to create a detailed digital rendering of the jewellery design after many hours of consult between our client/s and designer. This CAD file serves as a blueprint for the final piece, incorporating precise measurements and intricate details.
  3. Client Approval:

    • The CAD design is shared with you for approval. They have the opportunity to review and request any modifications before moving forward. This step ensures that the client's vision aligns with the digital representation we have created. Once we have settled on a rough design a 50% deposit is paid, your custom.......
  4. 3D Printing or Wax Model Creation:

    • Once approved, the CAD design is used to create a physical model, either through 3D printing or by crafting a wax replica. This model will serve as the basis for the casting process.
  5. Mold Making:

    • The wax model is encased in a heat-resistant material to create a mold. This mold will be used to cast the final piece in the desired metal.
  6. Casting:

    • The mold is placed in a furnace, and the wax is melted away (lost wax casting), leaving a negative space in the shape of the jewellery. Molten metal is then poured into this space, taking on the form of the original design.
  7. Cooling and De-Molding:

    • The molten metal is allowed to cool and solidify within the mold. Once cooled, the mold is carefully broken away to reveal the rough cast of the jewellery piece.
  8. Clean Up and Finishing:

    • The rough casting undergoes a meticulous clean-up process. This involves removing any excess metal, refining the surface, and smoothing out imperfections. Specialized tools and techniques are used to achieve the desired texture and finish.
  9. Stone Setting and Polishing:

    • If gemstones are part of the design, they are carefully set into the jewellery during this phase. The piece then undergoes further refinement, including polishing, texturizing the metal to achieve a lustrous finish.
  10. Quality Control and Final Inspection:

    • The completed piece undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure it meets the highest standards. This includes scrutinizing for any remaining imperfections and confirming that all specifications are met.
  11. Presentation and Delivery:

    • The finished bespoke jewellery is then packaged and presented to the client. It is then ready to go home with their new owner to cherish for years to come.

The bespoke jewellery journey is a highly intricate and collaborative process that culminates in a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art, meticulously crafted to the client's specifications and preferences.

Please note: You can expect a timeframe of approx 4-6 weeks turnaround for the creation of custom bespoke piece, depending on the complexity of the design. Also note that prices may vary slightly due to the daily fluctuations in metal prices.

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