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Gemstone Donuts (Neenis Lucky Dip)

Gemstone Donuts (Neenis Lucky Dip)

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"Unveil the magic of individuality with our Gemstone Donut Pendants; they look good enough to eat—hence the name."

Each piece a celebration of nature's spontaneity and the artistry of cuttlefish or Sand casting. This distinctive technique ensures that no two pendants are alike, offering you a piece of jewellery as unique as you are. The organic process involves molten metal embracing the robust beauty of gemstones like Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires within its embrace, creating a mesmerizing effect where each design is a serendipitous treasure reminiscent of the talismans cherished in ancient times.

While the resilience of these selected gemstones allows them to withstand the heat, we prioritize the integrity of each piece by recommending against using the finest gemstones to mitigate the risk of cracking. Customize your pendant by specifying your preferred combination of gemstones, with the promise of at least one or two diamonds and the option to include up to 2 Sapphires or Rubies (there might be extras). Share your preferences in the designated area and embark on a journey to co-create your wearable piece of art.

If you would embark on using your own Gemstones in this process (providing they are Sapphire/Ruby or Diamond) please get in Contact with Neeni to assess design process.  

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the unique material and design combinations used, the price listed is indicative. The final cost may vary depending on your unique selections and daily fluctuating metal prices. We recommend booking a consultation to finalize details and pricing. If a product is out of stock and you would like to place an order please send us a message through our contact page. Please view our full terms of service here. For products tagged "Available for Purchase" please allow a 14-day turnaround period, for all Custom bespoke designs please allow a 4-6 week turnaround.

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